February 5, 2014
by Chelsey

SXSW Interactive Workshop Sign-Up

If you’re going to SXSW Interactive, you should sign up for the workshop that Chris Trew (The New Movement Theater) and I are doing.

Screenshot from SXSW Interactive (sxsw.com)

Screenshot from SXSW Interactive (sxsw.com)

Here’s the thing: It’s Monday, March 10 and it’s at 9:30 A.M. We fully expect everyone to show up having not gone to bed yet from the night before. It’s cool. There WILL be breakfast tacos (vegetarian option included), pastries, something gluten free (because I bet someone who doesn’t eat gluten will come), and lots and lots and lots of coffee. There might be tea.

It’s going to be boatloads of fun. Sign up here.


January 6, 2014
by Chelsey

Green Eggs & Dishwater

When you’re young, and you’re writing:

You’d never care to describe the way dishwater splashed against your face from your all-too-shallow sink. Or, how the eggs you cooked for dinner –because you had so many extra eggs– turned green so quickly that you couldn’t imagine eating them. You searched for “why eggs turn green” on the vast, vast Internet, but all the question-answer website results and Dr. Seuss references made you feel small. It reminded you of the way you feel after seeing too many ASPCA commercials: hopeless — the green-egg filmy crust of some inorganic hormones injected into your conscience, wretched and hopeless.

December 9, 2013
by Chelsey

‘Twice Upon a Time’ on Time

Dialogue from one of my favorite movies. Shared via Mark Estrada via IMDB:

Ralph: Hey, it looks real nice. Are they friendly at all?

Botch: Oh, they are! They love to be friendly except they rush around so much, they don’t have the time to be friendly.

Ralph: The “what” don’t they?

Botch: The TIME. They have clocks and watches on their wrists which tell them the time they don’t have because they are always rushing. And they think they don’t have…

Ralph: Wait, wait, I’m not get… What is “time”?

Botch: Two o’clock, four o’clock, five o’clock.

Ralph: Yes, but there’s something that tells them that they don’t have something?

Botch: Yeah.

Ralph: It’s a clock?

Botch: It’s a clock.

Ralph: And they watch it?

Botch: They watch it.

Ralph: And it tells them…?

Botch: The time.

Ralph: That they don’t have.


December 8, 2013
by Chelsey


This post is a growing list of observations. A new version is made once something is added to the list. The list is sorted from newer items and versions at the top to oldest items and versions at the bottom.

Being an adult means:

  • Buying toilet paper before you run out.
  • Managing money with the hope of someday having a higher credit score.
  • Talking about your doctor like you guys hang out.
  • Drinking decaffeinated hot tea before bed.
  • Cleaning your oven.
  • Celebrating your cat’s 10th birthday.
  • Asking for a new iron for Christmas.